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Hello. We're Women Making Gravy.

We are a resource and a community that supports, empowers and teaches Rural and Regional women how to maximise their results on the social media platforms used for their businesses.

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Why Learn With Us?

We know there are a tonne of "experts" out there, all wanting to teach you how to run your social media platforms. However, many don't understand the challenges that you as a woman based in Rural Australia face on a day to day basis. This is why at Women Making Gravy, what we offer is beneficially different because we understand you and equally face the same challenges.

We're About A Good Harvest Yield

Maximise your results on your business social media platforms. Take your social media from time wasting to money (gravy) making. We will set you up with a clear understanding of efficient use and strategy to get you the results you really want.

We Speak Your (Paddock) Language

Run by Rural and Regional Businesswomen for Rural and Regional Businesswomen. We wholeheartedly understand your needs, challenges and desires because we are, fundamentally,  just like you.

Learning To Suit You And Your (Kids) Schedule

Multiple learning methods to cater for those who are constrained by  location, time management and limited accessibility to resources (including running around after kids, the dog and your partner).

We aim to empower, educate and support Rural and Regional women to create viable and sustainable businesses that can prevail during any inevitable variable that impacts the livelihood of their family and local communities.

We Are Designed To Be Accessible To Every Rural and Regional Woman In Business

Something For Everyone

Online training and workshops offered at multiple levels of affordability and personalisation. From large groups to one on one consulting for individuals, businesses and community groups.

We Know (Business) Tools

We offer an array of tools to help you maximise social media use for your business, including specific platform training, product photography, niching your business and creative marketing strategies.

Grow At Your Own Pace

Multiple resources and courses to help you as little or as much as you'd like. We can equip you with the tools to grow, sustain and increase your profits, regardless if it's a side hustle or an established business.

"Prior to joining the Family Gatherings (Family of Four) course, I had all my events in April cancelled due to COVID-19. I was stood down from my usual 9 - 5 job and had to move home Interstate to live with my parents. I was pretty down and was doing absolutely NOTHING with my business. I also had zero bookings for the remainder of the year. Initially, I spoke to Edwina and we spoke about pivoting and creating a new product that could see me through this current time. It's been 6 weeks since we first spoke and I have made 140 sales later... my Instagram has grown by about 300 followers and I have heard everyone is talking about my business around town. I have learnt SO much from the Women Making Gravy training and couldn't recommend it highly enough. If you have the opportunity to learn with them, definitely do. Edwina is full of useful knowledge and will steer you in the right direction. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity. Thanks again Edwina! x"

Sarah Paton, Grazing Table Queen
SP Grazing Co, Toowoomba

"The Family Gatherings (Family of Four) course with Eddy was absolutely unreal! Just when I thought I knew a little bit about social media marketing, I was brought down to earth really quick! The course was worth every single cent. Who knew hashtags were SO important!?! I have already seen an increase in engagement on my Instagram page and now have the confidence to focus on my niche, which I never had before. I can’t recommend Eddy enough. She has so much knowledge and teaches it fantastically, not everyone has that skill. "

Brittany Keogh, Country Wedding Photography
Brittany Jayne Photography, Warwick QLD

Join one of the hundreds of Rural Women in business who value the importance of learning too.


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